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Pediatric Eye Care

Children’s Eye Diseases and Surgery

One of the Eye Clinic of Racine’s specialty areas is in Children’s Eye Diseases and Surgery for the Racine and Kenosha area of Wisconsin.  Our Racine eye doctors are very highly trained and experienced in Pediatric Eye Care.  We treat children with eye problems from the day they are born.  Our Racine eye surgeons perform many pediatric eye surgeries every year.  We care for congenital eye problems, infections, strabismus, amblyopia (lazy eye), blocked tear ducts, juvenile diabetes, and numerous other pediatric eye problems.  We also provide routine eye exams for children.

As your family continues to grow and you search for the best options available, we are confident that when you combine our experience, our choice of doctors, our full line of services and convenient location, the decision to make the Eye Clinic of Racine your children’s provider will be an easy one to make.