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VSP Information

If you have VSP you must notify our office at the time that you make your appointment.  We will need your personal identification number, which is provided to you by your employer, or your social security number in order to obtain authorization prior to your appointment.  We cannot see you for an appointment under VSP without prior-authorization.

VSP will cover payment of a comprehensive or intermediate eye exam with refraction.  Most VSP plans have a co-pay, which you will need to pay at the time of your exam.  Also, at the time of your exam, you need to inform our office whether you will be using your VSP benefit for glasses or contacts.

If you are diagnosed with any medical eye condition, VSP requires that we submit the claim to your major medical insurance first, then to VSP for reimbursement.

Contact Lenses

VSP does not consider prescribing or checking the fit of contact lenses as part of a routine exam.  VSP recognizes these as an additional service for which there is a separate fee.  The fitting fees will be deducted from your VSP contact lens allowance.

Some VSP plans have a Materials Benefit which can be used for either contact lenses or glasses, but not both.  The patient must decide which benefit they will use it for.  VSP does not allow the Materials Benefit to be split between glasses and contact lenses.

VSP sells a variety of different plans to different employers.  It is your responsibility to contact your employer or VSP to determine your specific benefits.


If you have further questions concerning our charges, please contact us at: 562-595-1291