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LASIK is the most popular method of laser vision correction. First performed in 1991, the procedure has evolved dramatically. At MaryWashingtonEyeCareCenter, we perform an ALL laser LASIK procedure to treat nearsightedness,farsightedness and astigmatism.

LASIK laser eye surgery is recommended for patients 21 years old who have had stable vision for at least one year and has no other eye diseases, such as Keratoconus, Cataracts, or Macular Degeneration.

A thorough eye exam performed by our Ophthalmologist will determine if LASIK is an option for you. The digital information obtained from our exam can be used to design a personalized laser treatment for each eye. If you are a good candidate, you will be given additional information about the procedure that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether to proceed. We will ensure you have all your questions answered to your satisfaction.

On the day of the procedure, your eyes will be numbed with anesthetic eye drops. Using the Intralase femtosecond laser, the surgeon will create a thin, blade-free cornea flap. The Intralaselaser has made Cornea flap-creation much safer, compared to the mechanical Blade Keratome, and enables the surgeon to customize the size, thickness, and orientation of the flap. After the flap is created, it will be lifted and the VISX laser will be used to modify the shape of the Cornea and correct for any refractive error you may have. Then, the flap is gently placed back into its original position and allowed to heal on its own without any sutures necessary. The procedure only takes a few minutes but patients may be at MaryWashingtonEyeCareCenter for a few hours for pre-operative and post-operative assessments.

About LASIK at Mary Washington Eye

LASIK is another option to vision correction and many patients can experience an immediate dramatic improvement in their vision after the procedure. However, during the post-operative period, post-surgical patients should take proper precautions and eliminating or reducing rubbing, swimming or other activities that can be harmful to the eyes. Most people return to their normal activities including driving within a day or two without the use of glasses or contacts.

If you are considering LASIK laser eye surgery, call our office for more information and to schedule a free consultation with our Ophthalmologist, Demi Dang, MD.