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Dr. Brenner

Dr. Brenner

Everyone at The Brenner Eye & Facial Center understands that your eyes are Unique and not like anyone else.

Dr. Brenner believes in making his decisions and recommendations for treatment based on each patient’s individual needs.

He takes care of his patients like family and after more than 20 years in practice, many of his patients are “family” to him. These days it is hard to find a caring physician to actually take the time to find out how you feel about what you are Seeing.

Dr. Brenner is that Doctor!  He will help you make the right choice for your eyes.  In our Center, Dr. Brenner personally examines every patient, unlike some Centers where you meet the doctor on the day of surgery.


Dr. Brenner is one of the few Southland physicians who is Double Board Certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology; he is a Fellowship trained Corneal and Refractive Surgery specialist from the prestigious Jules Stein Eye Institute who has performed thousands of vision correction surgeries. He teaches courses to other doctors at major National and International meetings. Dr. Brenner has traveled to Italy and Japan to perform Live Cataract Surgery to teach their surgeons the newest technique in Cataract Surgeries. He has ongoing educational events for local doctors to keep them up to date on the latest treatments and surgical developments.

Dr. Brenner has spent the last two decades devoted to ongoing research efforts in the field of vision correction and has contributed to many ophthalmology journals and books and FDA research studies for new technology.


Those who know Dr. Brenner and manage patients with him appreciate his attention to detail and meticulous nature; Dr. Brenner takes pride in his ability to provide visual enhancement, preservation, and restoration for his patients… family and friends. It is no wonder Dr. Brenner garners an extremely high level of trust and confidence from his patients.  He routinely operates on physicians and other health care professionals.  Dr. Brenner has always been such a true believer in technology that he has undergone Laser vision correction himself.